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Please read all policies carefully before booking. 

Booking Policy


To book an appointment with Lisa ( LMS Designs Nails) , a credit card deposit must be used and remain on file in the scheduler app ( Acuity ) or the appointment cannot be secured. If a credit card is not available, I accept the following payment applications:



Cash App



Payment App appointments are manual and require an immediate deposit of $25 to secure. The deposit will go toward the full amount of the service rendered. 


Cancellation Policy

We ask that you please RESCHEDULE  or CANCEL at least 24 hours before the beginning of your appointment or you WILL be charged a CANCELATION FEE of 50% of the cost of your service. If you cancel and the credit card on file is declined, you will be sent an invoice for the cancellation fee. If the invoice is not paid, future appointments will be DECLINED.

Cancellations Without Notice or NO SHOWS will be BLOCKED from making future appointments.


Frequent Cancellations will be BLOCKED from making future appointments.


Cancellations or No Shows less than 48 hours for SATURDAY APPOINTMENTS will be BLOCKED from making future appointments. 

Weekend appointment are HIGHLY COVETED!! These appointments leave NO ROOM for last minute cancels or reschedules!! This is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT!!!



Late Policy


If you are more than 20 min late for your appointment, please notify me so that I can determine if the appointment can be accommodated  or it will automatically be canceled and a fee of $25 will be charged.

I do understand that things happen, traffic etc… however please check your ETA ( Estimated Time Of Arrival ) before heading to your appointment.


Service Policy


If this is your first appointment with LMS, please come with CLEAN and PRODUCT FREE nails. This will insure proper adherence of products and longevity of your service. 


Fill or Rebalance appointments are for current clients only.


NO CHILDREN or Extra Guests unless being serviced.


If you are sick or un well please reschedule your appointment by contacting me. 


Please remember to “ADD ON” nail art services when booking your appointment to ensure there is enough time and the pricing is accurate. 


Extra Length or Long Nails are additional as they require more product therefore increasing the cost. 




These policies are non negotiable. Thank you in advance for understanding.


Service Hours

We’re waiting for you!

Tue - Fri: 9am-7pm
Sat: 8am-2pm
Sun & Mon: Closed


Gel Service


Gel Manicure $50
Extended Wear Gel Manicure $75 (Includes soft gel overlay)
Gel Full Set (tips)  $60 & Up
Sculptured Gel Nails $90 & up
Gel Overlay $50 & Up                  
Gel Fill-In $60 & Up
Nail Art $5 Each & Up
Swarovski Crystals :
Full Nail
Short :$15 per nail
Long :$20 per nail
Swarovski Crystal Designs $8 - $12
Glitter and 3-D Nail Art $5 & Up
Encapsulated Nail Art $7 per nail (Dry Flowers Charms etc..)

Smoky Eye Makeup

Acrylic Service



Acrylic Full Set (tips) $65 (Includes gel polish)

Sculptured Acrylic Full Set $80

Permanent Acrylic Nail Art $100 (No polish)

Acrylic Fill In $55 & Up

Acrylic Overlay $50

Dry Manicure $20                        

Nail Art $5 Each & Up

Swarovski Crystals :

Full Nail

Short: $15 per nail

Long: $20 per nail

Swarovski Crystal Designs $8 - $12

Glitter and 3-D Nail Art $5 & Up

Encapsulated Nail Art $7 per nail (Dry Flowers Charms etc..)

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